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Welcome to Hala Happy + Hala Sweets, where branding and baking collide!

Hala Happy specializes in digital marketing for nonprofits, small businesses, and mission-driven organizations. We LOVE working with passionate individuals and businesses looking to expand their reach and share with the world what they do! If you're looking for something a little sweeter, our partner in crime, Hala Sweets, is all about cake - literally! Hala Sweets whips up delicious treats, hosts cake decorating classes, and much more. Learn more about who we are and how we came to be!


Spring Vibes

This month, we created a cake inspired by Amy MacCready's pattern designs for Geometry House. 

Featured: Gwendolyn Tea Towel by Amy

Use HaleyL15 for 15% off your order


Haley has the best cake classes!! You learn new things, eat tasty treats, and have the best time decorating your OWN cake! We got to be super creative & learn a fun technique. Her mom, who is the head baker of the business, helped us so much and gave us great tips through the whole thing! Join her cake classes! They are the best!! ❤️

Untitled design (38).png
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