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What do you want to be when you grow up? This infamous question asked time and time again used to bring me loads of anxiety. What do I want to be?... I've got no clue! I'm finally ready to embrace the unknown of my future. I'm an entrepreneur, artist, baker, educator, ceramicist, and communications gal... I'm Haley, and I'm Hala Happy! I've created this site to bring all of my favorite things together in one place. Follow along with monthly Hala Happy prompts, sign up for cake classes, learn tips and tricks about baking, hire me for social media & communications work, and join in on all the fun as I try new things each month! 
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DOODLING - Neurographic Art

Each month Hala Happy will announce a new prompt. Write, create, and play along with us! Hala Happy prompts are here to create community and happiness through play. There are no specific mediums to use when you follow along with the prompts. I invite you to find something that makes you happy and join in - draw, write, paint, take photos, decorate, design, bake, cook, or try something new! Stress less about that blank page, perfectionism, and enjoy the imperfections of the process. If you're feeling stuck... don't worry! I'll post ideas and tutorials. Use the hashtag below to see what the Hala Happy community is up to each month and join in on the fun!



Learn baking tips and tricks, follow along with monthly prompts, and all things Hala Happy!


Feelin' Hala Good



Looking to try something new? Sign up for a Hala Sweets cake class! You'll learn the ins and outs of How to decorate a cake along with fun tips and tricks to help you make one at home. Our classes are designed for you to learn and have FUN! We offer around 4 cake classes each year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when cake classes launch! We'll share up to date information on our website and socials!


Haley has the best cake classes!! You learn new things, eat tasty treats, and have the best time decorating your OWN cake! We got to be super creative & learn a fun technique. Her mom, who is the head baker of the business, helped us so much and gave us great tips through the whole thing! Join her cake classes! They are the best!! ❤️

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