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  • Do you offer shipping?
    We do not currently offer shipping. It is our goal to begin shipping by the end of the year - 2022.
  • How much advance notice to book an order?
    One month or more in advance. Reach out as soon as you can.
  • What is the average pricing?
    Our base prices are listed on our site. Prices range depending on the size, style, flavors, decoration, quantity, location, flowers, fondant design work, etc.
  • Our wedding venue needs a licensed and insured bakery, is Hala Sweets insured?"
    Yes! We are insured and though we do some of our work under a cottage license, all wedding desserts, cakes, etc. can be done from our commercial kitchen location. Please specify if you need your desserts licensed or not when you order from Hala Sweets.
  • Do you deliver?
    We only offer delivery for weddings and large events. All deliveries will have an added delivery charge.
  • Do you have a storefront?
    No, Hala Sweets runs out of a ghost kitchen. We do all our work in a rental space or in our home location. All orders must be for preorder or placed at a pop up location when we have them.
  • Where are your pickup locations?
    Andover, MN. Andover has two locations, our home & kitchen location. Both within minutes of each other. Andover is for custom pickups and cake jars St. Louis Park (SLP), MN NOTE: we have changed out SLP location SLP is cake jar pickup only
  • Where can I get the information for cake jar flavors each month?
    Subscribe to our email list! We send out all new flavors and preorders details, dates, and times to our subscribers. You can also find all of our details on our Instagram and Facebook account.
  • Can I order a cake jar/flight at any time?
    Our cake jars are launched monthly with specific pickup dates. We offer two pickup dates, once-twice a month. Jars and flights are available for order in bulk (6+ jars) or throughout our monthly launch dates. They are not available for sale individually.
  • How do I order cake cups?
    Request a quote! We offer cake cups for weddings, birthdays, and any event/celebration. Cake cups are ordered similar to cupcakes, by the ½ dozen or dozen.
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