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July Prompt: Doodles + Neurographic Art

... ope! I'm a little late on sending out the prompt blog for June! So I'm extending it through July. Dive right in and enjoy a relaxing month of doodling with Neurographic Art!

What is Neurographic Art?

Neurographic art involves using simple, freeform lines to create patterns and designs. It's all about letting your imagination flow and allowing the pen to guide your thoughts. The best part? You don't need to be an expert artist to dive into this captivating world.

Grab a writing utensil of your choice, let your mind wander, and let your lines tell a story!

Neurographic Guides

  1. Choose any utensil to start your lines: pencil, pen, marker, colored pencil, etc.

  2. Draw lines every which way flowing with your current energy and vibe. Cross lines, circle lines, and let them flow right off the page.

  3. Where the lines intersect, round off the corners with your marker.

  4. Once all of the sharp intersections are rounded off, fill in your open spaces with colors, patterns, words, etc.

  5. Use any medium of your choice to fill in the spaces: watercolor, marker, pencil, pen, collage, etc. Oh, and feel free to draw outside the lines! Think less and roll with it. If you don't like something - color over it, add patterns, etc.!

Ready to make one of your own? It's easy peasy!

Follow along with my tutorial on Instagram!

Share your creations with us using the hashtag #halahappy and tag @halahappy.haley

We would LOVE to highlight your art in the blog and on our social media sites!

Oh, and have FUN! This a creative and relaxing art prompt; go with the flow and turn those mistakes into fun parts of your drawing!

Let's create!


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