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March Prompt: Flora + Fauna

Hala Happy Prompt Overview

Each month 🤞🏻 Hala Happy will have a new prompt for everyone to join in on! ANYONE can participate! Use any tool of your choice; draw, sew, cook, take photos, paint, and create however you want to with us. I encourage you to use these prompts as a way to take on creative risks, try new things, and enjoy the process.

Time for the prompt!

What is flora + fauna...

You may already know what it is... but I had to use the Google so I'm going to tell you anyway. In the most basic sense, floral and fauna are plants and animals of a particular region and/or time period. Let your imagination run wild and use the prompt as a starting point to get creative!

If you feel stuck, try out this fun drawing exercise with me!

Continuous Line Drawing

  1. Grab any writing utensil (marker, pencil, crayon, sharpie, etc.)

  2. Grab any piece of paper... ANY!

  3. Choose a Subject (plant , animal, etc.)

    1. Find reference images of your subject online

    2. I Googled frogs for mine and clicked on the images so I could see many at a time

  4. Set a timer for 5-10 minuets (or more)

  5. WITHOUT picking up your writing utensil, begin drawing your subject.

    1. It's okay for lines to cross and look wild!

    2. It's okay if you need to pick up your utensil to adjust

    3. As you move your eyes across your subject photo, slowly follow your pen with it

  6. Draw many or draw one!

  7. When your timer is up, pick your favorite drawing and glam it up!

This video is wayyyy faster than I actually draw. Take your time and trust the process!

Share your creations with us using the hashtag #halahappy and tag @halahappy.haley

We would LOVE to highlight your art in the blog and on our social media sites!

Oh, and before I forget... it's okay to make shitty art! Having fun and letting loose is the important part. Not all art needs to be seen, saved, or even liked!

Let's create!


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