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Easy Gluten Free Vegan Cake Pops

Simple ingredients, one-bowl recipe, and easy baking!

Follow along and make your Cake Pops!

You'll need


This recipe by Allergylicious is a one-bowl easy-peasy recipe. If you're new to Gluten Free Vegan (GFV) cakes just know it's normal for them to be a little denser. Follow the recipe to a T and let your cake completely cool before you try it! If you test out the cake while it's still hot, it may feel a little too gooey.


Cake: you can choose your cake recipe for these pops or try out the GFV recipe!

Frosting: the Pillsbury frosting is optional, you can make these with any frosting or even try it without any frosting.

Cake pop molds: you can substitute cake pop molds by using a small/medium-sized cookie scoop or a spoon to create your cake pop balls.


  1. Gather your materials and ingredients.

  2. Bake the cake! Click here for the recipe... I ate some of mine before it made it to the cake pop stage. Oops!

  3. Let the cake cool completely!!! This is very important for a GFV cake.

  4. Melt the Pillsbury Frosting (or frosting of choice) in the microwave for 30 seconds or until it's a drizzle consistency.

  5. Add your cooled cake to a large bowl and drizzle a very small amount of frosting across the top.

  6. Using your hands (or stand mixer) combine the cake and the frosting until a dough forms. This may feel a little oily! I like to use gloves for this step.

    1. At this stage, you can add sprinkles and any choice of candy to your cake pop dough!

  7. Form cake pop balls using your cake pop molds OR a cookie scoop. If you're using a cookie scoop, use your hands to round the cake ball after it's scooped. If your cake pops are cracking apart don't worry! Add more frosting to your cake and remix the dough.

  8. Once all the cake pops are rolled, pop them into the refrigerator for 2-5 minutes. Be careful, don't leave them in there too long!

  9. Fill up a microwaveable glass or silicone cup with the chocolate wafers. I use a measuring cup. Add your wafers to the microwave at 20-second intervals - stirring in-between - until the chocolate is smooth and drizzles fall easily off the spatula.

    1. DO NOT overheat!!! If your chocolate is almost ready but there are a few little chunks in it - WAIT - mix it up and let it sit before deciding on another microwave round.

    2. Tip: if your chocolate is too thick and overheated, add coconut oil for a thinner consistency.

  10. Color the chocolate using OIL-based colors. Water-based colorants will ruin your chocolate and turn it chunky!

  11. Dip the cake pop sticks into the chocolate and add them to your cake balls. If you have a holder for your cake pops use that. If not, grab a block of styrofoam to stick the cake pop sticks in or place them on a plate.

  12. Once all the cake pops have sticks, dip them in the chocolate and lightly tap the stick until the chocolate is no longer dripping off the cake pop.

    1. if your chocolate starts to crack, it's possible your cake pops are too cold and/or your chocolate is too hot. It's all a balancing act. Let your chocolate cool and the cake pops come back to room temperature before moving on to more pops.

  13. Add Sprinkles before the chocolate dip cools off. This will happen fast!

  14. Store them in the refrigerator for approximately 1 week or eat them all right away!

  15. You did it!

Tricky little buggers

Cake pops can be intimidating and are tricky little buggers! They take practice and patience, so be kind to yourself when you make them. They might not be perfectly round, and they may crack, but they will taste absolutely amazing!

Give it a go!



Justin Krampotich
Justin Krampotich
Apr 04, 2023

So easy and so delicious!!!!!

Haley Larson
Haley Larson
Apr 07, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!

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