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Hala Happy is here to help you with all things social media and communications! We offer content creation, social media management, newsletter writing, and custom communication packages tailored to you and/or your organizations goals! Looking for something a little more sweet? Hire Hala Sweets to create realistic and fun cakes for your brand, to teach team-building cake classes, collaborations, product photography and more!


We use a lot of exclamation points - don't let that scare you! It's on brand... for us!

With each client, we take time to get to know your brand, voice, and goals. This means... if you're super serious, we promise to replace exclamation points with one simple, subtle, and classic period. In all seriousness. We would LOVE to get to know you! Let's connect and dive into the details, pricing, and schedule with a fun get to know you meeting!

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